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Calinos Entertainment
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Today, the popularity of Turkish TV series all over the world is due to Calinos' rich archive and regular exports of Turkish TV series abroad.

In our first area of activity, media, Calinos is one of the first names that comes to mind both nationally and internationally with its pioneering approach and inclusiveness. We aim for the highest level of quality in everything we do, every product we produce and every service we offer.

Calinos Entertainment

Calinos Entertainment was the first company to make national productions known and seen abroad, and to produce adaptations of some of them.

Calinos Entertainment, which started its operations in Los Angeles in 1999, strengthened its office in the US with its rapid growth and moved its headquarters to Istanbul due to its proximity to countries in the region.

Calinos Entertainment’s business is the marketing and distribution of formats such as films, television series, documentaries, TV programs and soap operas to local and international markets. Calinos Entertainment, with its vision and taking advantage of Turkey’s position as a bridge between Asian and European cultures, has become the first Turkish company to market Turkish TV series, movies and TV programs on the international platform, starting with the first Turkish TV series “Deliyürek” (Kazakhstan) sold abroad in 2001. By marketing films, series and TV programs in international television sectors, Calinos has expanded and sustained the Turkish production sector’s share in foreign markets. The regions where Calinos Entertainment operates in the international market are the Middle East, the Balkans, Central Asia and South America.

Calinos Entertainment is proud to be one of the first and pioneering companies to market Turkish TV series abroad, and the broadcast hours of Turkish TV series for which Calinos Entertainment owns the international rights have reached thousands of hours in total. Calinos not only ensures that our series, which are highly acclaimed in every new country they enter, are accepted in the world TV markets, but also carries out co-production projects with these countries.

Calinos Films

Calinos Films aims to bring quality productions to moviegoers in Turkey with its rapidly growing film archive.

Calinos, which has been instrumental in Turkey's export of TV series with its investments in the media sector and arts and has a major share in its growth, is taking firm steps towards becoming one of Turkey's most important content producers with Calinos Filmcilik. With content and co-productions that resonate in the global market, it makes its name known not only in Turkey but also in the international media sector.

Calinos Filmcilik, which has been instrumental in our country’s series exports with its investments in the series sector and art and has a great share in its growth, is taking firm steps towards becoming one of Turkey’s most important content producers with the participation of Elif Dağdeviren in 2023.

With content and co-productions that resonate in the global market, it makes its name known not only in Turkey but also in the international media sector.

Calinos Films aims to provide moviegoers in Turkey with quality and remarkable productions through its acquisition strategy based on contemporary market dynamics and new trends. With its imports from international film festivals that it attends every year, it has quickly become one of the leading content providers of film festivals across the country. Calinos Films takes a special interest in the positioning of the acquired films according to the dynamics of the Turkish market and aims to contribute to the progress of the film industry by expanding its boundaries. In addition to traditional marketing methods, it builds bridges between the internet and the new generation of technology users through movies, with an emphasis on social media promotion.

With a film library that ranges from big budget productions to award-winning films, from stunning examples of world cinema to genre films, Calinos Films aims to create valuable and exclusive content that can make a difference, especially on new media platforms.

Orbis Films

Orbis Films was established in 2011 as part of Calinos Holding.

Orbis Film Ltd. Şti. was established in 2011. The company changed its name from "İca Film Yapım Ltd. Şti." to "Orbis Film Ltd. Şti." on October 22, 2013. The main activity of Orbis Film Production Ltd. is the production of television programs.