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Our Management Team

Fırat Gülgen

Fırat Gülgen founded Calinos Entertainment in Los Angeles in 1999. Until 2001, he sold telenovelas to the Turkic Republics. He then moved the headquarters of Calinos Entertainment to Turkey and started distributing Turkish TV series abroad. Calinos Entertainment became the first company to distribute Turkish content worldwide. In 2003, Fırat Gülgen signed an agreement with Paramount and Universal studios to exclusively distribute their content in Turkey for over 8 years.

In 2008, Fırat Gülgen partnered with TTNET, Turkey’s main telecommunications operator, to establish Turkey’s first IPTV-TIVIBU-WEB TV platforms and provide full content consultancy management. Calinos gained experience in the broadcasting industry, setting up the first in-house channels for TIVIBU, FILMTIVI, which offers more than 350 new titles per year.

During this period, Fırat Gülgen founded Calinos Films, which has become one of the fastest growing film distribution companies in Turkey with a library of more than 300 films with over 100 releases in just 5 years.

In 2006, Calinos Holding entered the agriculture and livestock sector with the aim of exporting dairy products abroad. In 2008, Calinos Holding took over the Cıngıllıoğlu Organic Agriculture Enterprise in Niğde in order to expand its investments in the field of agriculture and in a period of two years, it put into operation Turkey’s largest private sector irrigated agricultural land on 26200 acres. The Holding’s agriculture division is planning investments in Central Anatolia over the next 10 years, including integrated facilities for livestock, biogas and greenhouse cultivation.

Calinos Holding’s marathon in the field of media, which started in 1997, continues today under the leadership of Fırat Gülgen, with more than 20 companies in Turkey and abroad with thousands of hours of series exports to more than 140 countries, advertising, marketing, web tv, content management, series and films, production, agriculture & livestock investments, mining and renewable energy.

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Selahattin Sadıkoğlu

Born in Erzurum He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in this province and Diyarbakır.
He studied International Relations at Damascus University and started working as a journalist during his studies.
The Institution he worked for and the duties he undertook are as follows;
B.Sabah-Reporter, Milli Gazete-Intelligence Chief, Sırdaş Publishing House-Shareholder,
Tercüman Newspaper-Middle East Correspondent, Editor, News Director
Güneş Newspaper- Middle East Correspondent, Editorial Coordinator, Saudi Newspaper- Turkish Supplement Officer
Al Bilad Newspaper – Turkish Supplement Officer HBB TV – Head of News Department, Director of Broadcasting
TGRT TV-News Editor-in-Chief
Editor-in-Chief of Yeni Şafak Newspaper, Editor-in-Chief of Bugün Newspaper,
Bugün TV-General Manager Akıllı TV-General Manager Cine-5 Editorial Board Member
Tv 8 – Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief
Calinos Holding – Executive Board Member

He has many awards related to his profession and has produced and moderated more than a hundred TV programs. Holder of a Permanent Press Card.

Zehra Zeynep Dereli

Zeynep Dereli graduated from Üsküdar American High School and received her BA in Economics, Mathematics and Middle Eastern Studies from Princeton University in the USA. She holds a master’s degree in Development Economics from SOAS, University of London.

Earlier in his career, she worked in the M&A department at Dundas & Ünlü Securities in Istanbul. Subsequently, she worked in the Risk Analysis, Research and Compliance teams at Shell Trading and Shipping in London. After returning to Turkey, she worked as a Financial Analyst and Supply Analyst at Shell Turkey. She continued the second part of his career by assuming duties in various organizations that support the development of our country’s economy. The first of these was as the director of the Atlantic Council’s Black Sea Energy and Economic Forum, and for a period she also prepared and hosted the weekly program “Leaders and Decisions” on the political agenda on SKY Türk and CNBC-E channels. Later, she was the General Coordinator of the Turkish Policy Forum, a think tank. In addition to all these, she was the founder and CEO of GLOW Communications and APCO Turkey. She moved to APCO Worldwide London office and joined the international management team.

In 2016, Zeynep Dereli founded Turkey’s first Technology and Human Colleges (Tink), which focuses on people, in order to train technology literates and entrepreneurs of the future, taking into account the cultural needs of our country and society. Zeynep Dereli examined the education models in different countries in order to adapt education to today’s conditions and realized Tink in the light of the information she obtained. In this journey, she also won the female entrepreneur of the year award in 2021 by Ekonomist Magazine.

Due to the current circumstances, she left formal education and returned to corporate life in 2022 and started working as a member of the executive board at Calinos Holding.

His book Digital Natives, in which she presented a special education model for Turkey, was published in October 2019.

Among the social responsibility projects Zeynep Dereli has participated in are ITU BMT-KAUM Advisory Board, WTech and Endeavor, of which she is one of the founders.

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Hamza Kurtgişi

Hamza Kurtgişi was born in 1977 in Istanbul. He completed his higher education at Dumlupınar University, Faculty of Business Administration. He started his career in the financial affairs department of a company operating in the construction sector. In 2001, he joined Calinos Holding and assumed different roles in the financial affairs and finance departments of the company. In 2008, he became a Certified Public Accountant and currently serves as the Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs.

Ata Ferhatoglu

Ata Ferhatoğlu graduated from DEU Geological Engineering Department in 1988 and started his professional life.

After working as Exploration Geologist at Ranger Exploration and Anglo American Plc between 1988-91, he joined Set Italcementi in 1992, where he held various positions until 2008, including Operations Manager.

Between 2008 and 2010, he managed ready-mixed concrete operations at Boğaziçi Beton as Assistant General Manager.

In 2011, he joined the Calinos Holding family and currently serves as the General Coordinator responsible for Mining-Energy and Agriculture-Livestock operations.

Robert Zara

He graduated from Boğaziçi University, I.İ.B.F. Business Administration program in 1991.

He started his career as a media planner at UNIVERSAL McCANN Istanbul in 1992 and served as media account director for the agency’s prominent international clients such as T.C.C.C., L’Oreal, General Motors, Gillette and Nestle until 1998.

From 1998 to 2000, he was based at UNIVERSAL Mc CANN London headquarters, managing the media operation for General Motors, GoodYear and XBOX clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Between 2001-2004, he worked as the deputy general manager of UNIVERSAL McCANN Istanbul and between 2005-2011 as the chief executive officer of the same agency.

Between 2011 and 2018, he was the head of advertising marketing at DOĞAN MEDIA GROUP, and between 2019 and 2021, he assumed the role of head of TV, Radio, Satellite commercial operations at DEMİRÖREN MEDIA GROUP.

As of 2021, he is responsible for media operations management at CALINOS MEDIA.

She speaks Turkish, English and French.

Elif Dagdeviren

Elif Dağdeviren started her career as a film translator for TRT and continued her career as a reporter and columnist for publications such as Aktüel, Hürriyet, Akşam, Esquire, as well as the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Turkey and Kelebek newspaper. He worked as a television producer and moderator on channels such as STAR, ATV, SkyTurk, Turkmax.

By establishing portal, Turkey’s first internet content provider and search engine, he was one of the pioneers in introducing digital content to the country. Within Netbul, Turkey’s first digital news agency, children’s, women’s and gaming microsites were launched. The country’s first major content company sale, which also made international news.
After selling Netbul, he established a film production company and became the producer of television programs and films such as Beyza’s Women, Cenneteti Beklerken, İftarlık Gazoz and Dondurmam Gaymak, which won awards at major international festivals and made a name for themselves as Turkey’s nominee for the Oscars. In addition to these, as the co-founder of a 4000-seat concert center, he organized nearly 40 international concert organizations.

Elif Dağdeviren, who combines all her experiences in her company EDGE CCF (Creative Content & Filmmaking), provides film production, communication and brand consultancy, culture and arts trainings and events, and develops digital projects and culture and arts projects. With, which he established with his partners, he is working to create the world of the future in WEB 3.0. He continues to write individually as a guest author and is working on his own books and screenplays. He is also a professional speaker and moderator, as well as a trainer on production and new media. She also defines herself as an ethical vegan and climate activist and continues to support social responsibility projects.
In 2023, as the co-manager of Calinos Films, which he sees as the fulfillment of his dreams about the representation of Turkish cinema and TV series in the world, he joined the group in order to produce national and international projects with all his knowledge, network and experience.

She is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Anatolity Sustainable Culture and Art Foundation, a founding member of MetaverseUnion, a member of TOBB Creative Industries Council, a member of CEO Platform, EFA (European Film Academy) and EWA (European Women’s Audiovisual Network). He is the former chairman of TÜRSAK Board of Directors and former director of the International Antalya Film Festival. With Cinema Of Turkey, which he founded, he works as a “volunteer cultural ambassador” between countries to promote Turkey and Turkish Cinema to the international film industry.

He graduated from TED Ankara College and Hacettepe University, Faculty of Business Administration and studied “American Languages and Sociology” at Rutgers University and “Business of Music” at Baruch College.

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Suat Pekak

Suat Pekak, who has worked on numerous projects in the Turkish film and TV series industry, is the director of Orbis Filmcilik, a subsidiary of Calinos Holding.
Mr. Pekak has been awarded the Crystal Apple 5 times with his own production company.
In his career, he also worked as the general production manager at ATV channel for 7 years.
Some examples of their works;

Come If He Says Ask
Sen Anlat Karadeniz -64 episodes -2018/2019
Sakarya Firat – 151 episodes -2009/2013
Love for Love – 32 episodes -2015/2016
Kizilelma – 28 episodes – 2014
Day of the Sword -2010
Doludizgin Yıllar- 47 episodes -2008/2010
No One Is Without Fault-2014
The Innocents- 2008
Long Story-2013
Love Red-2012

And Recep And Zehra And Ayşe – 1983
Donkey Prank – 1980
Emmanuel of Kasımpaş – 1979
Tears of Love – 1979
Disgraced – 1978
Can Hatice – 1978
Ali Baba’s Farm – 1978
Do You Know What Love Is – 1977
Entwined – 1977
Blue Mercedes – 1977
My Man – 1977
Driver Mehmet – 1976
Bad Milk – 1976
Weapon in the Hands of a Brother – 1976
Sacrifice – 1976
Ince Memed is Shot – 1975
Three Brides and Six Grooms – 1975
Turhanoglu – 1975
Okay or Not – 1975
Bir Baba Hindi – 1975
Where is Ah Where is Wah Where is Ah – 1975
The Price of Anger – 1974
God Blesses Lovers – 1974
I’m at the Bar Every Night – 1974
The Day Became Evening – 1974
They Died Fighting – 197
My One and Only – 1974
Beyto – 1974
Şaban in Istanbul – 1973
Flying Man Bedmen Batman – 1973
Bedmen Batman – 1973
Revenge of the Three Musketeers – 1972
The Three Musketeers – 1972
The Law of Death – 1972
Let Death Fear Me – 1972
Vurma Zalim Vurma – 1972
Body in a suitcase – 1972
Bullet of Honor – 1972
The Claw of Destiny – 1972
Fire And Gunpowder – 1971
Is This World Your Justice – 1971
Avenging Angel – 1970
Cute Tramp – 1970

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Özkan Özlü

He was born in 1981 in Konya Ereğli.

He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ereğli.

In 1999, he entered Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture and graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture in 2004. started his master’s degree.
Between 2002-2004, he worked as a Student Representative at Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture.
Between 2004-2006, he worked as Feed Center Supervisor and Dairy Cattle Herd Supervisor at Koç Ata Sancak Besi ve Tarım Ürünleri AŞ.
Between 2007-2008, he worked at Söktaş AGRİTA Feed Factory and Söktaş Efeler Farm as Feed Factory Production Supervisor and Feed Center and Farm Hygiene Supervisor.
Between 2008-2012, he worked as Senior Manager and Animal Nutrition Specialist at EK-TA Dairy Farm.
Between 2012-2016, he worked as Animal Production Manager at Leben Agriculture and Livestock Enterprises.
Since 2016, he has been working as General Manager at Leben Agriculture and Livestock Enterprises.
Fluent in English, Mr. ÖZLÜ is married and has two children.

Haluk Kulin

Haluk Kulin is a purpose-driven executive with experience in global brand building, start-ups and market change. He specializes in helping to identify, design and deliver transformational opportunities that drive profitable growth.

He started his career at Unilever in 1997. He quickly moved from local brand management to developing the Laundry Innovation Center for the Middle East, Europe, and Turkey. In 2002, OMO moved to global brand management and launched the ‘It’s Good to Get Dirty’ strategy, focusing on creating the most accurate and powerful applications for purpose-driven brands. In more than 30 countries and contributed to profitable revenue growth from $1.5 billion to $3.4 billion.

He left Unilever in 2007 to focus on startups. He led the 24eight strategy, developing wireless sensory materials and data applications for wearables in health and gaming, before founding Personal BlackBox in 2009 to enable people to collect, protect and leverage their own data.

Since 2019, he has been supporting founders, corporate leaders and organizations to maximize their growth and positive impact. His experience includes FMCG, Personal Data, Social and Digital Media, Digitization of Healthcare, Live Events, Design Thinking, Smart Cities and Construction.