About Us

Everything you would like to know about Calinos Holding; since the day it was established.

Calinos, a Greek philosopher, who lived during the First Ages, was a wise man that led humanity with his kindness and spread beauty and happiness into people’s lives. Like the philosopher, Calinos Holding’s goal today is to offer the best in everything it produces.

Calinos primarily became popular within the media and the entertainment world due to its visionary, open minded and dynamic structure. Calinos was the first company to sell Turkish TV series overseas, which eventually lead to a worldwide phenomenon.

Established in 1997, Calinos Holding does not only aim to serve the best in TV but also in cinema. The company appeals to a large audience with its selection of world cinema. The company also acquires Home Video and TV rights for titles with the aim of reaching a broader audience.

Calinos Holding, with its modern vision, aspires to pioneer the improvement and innovation of the media sector, by bringing the advancements of the future to our day.

Calinos’s name is also a dominant one in mining, agriculture and live-stock industries. The company embraces innovation with excitement by combining expertise and diverse sectors under one roof.

With its young and talented team of professionals, Calinos is a pursuit of excellence in every industry it sets foot in. With a management that believes the secret of success lies within the team spirit, Calinos carries its brand to the next level as the new era’s innovative company.